MGM | Recycling & Scrap Metal
We can collect your scrap metal
Recycle or dispose of your general waste

Legally dispose of your metals with us. We buy, sort and process scrap metals at your convenience.



We purchase metals from you in an easy and convenient way for you. This can include, car bodies, metal shavings and the most common one, unused steel.


Aluminium is found all around us. We make recycling of aluminium a hassle-free process. So, bring us your Aluminium Radiators, Shavings, Wheel rims and wires get rewarded for recycling.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel shavings, Stainless steel 304, Stainless steel 316 and many more. Yes, we buy Stainless steel. This Chromium high alloy, is welcome in our recycling environment anytime.


Bring your old batteries to ensure you discard of them in the right way and we will make sure you are funded for them. Let us take care of recycling your truck batteries, car batteries, battery plates and even your solar batteries.


We at MGM Metals are passionate about disposing of various types of your Scrap  Metals. We take them off your hands at good prices, to sort and process,  relieving you the stress.

MGM Metals is a collection and recycling company based in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa. We specialise in the buying, assembling,  and recycling of scrap metals,  electronic scrap i.e. collecting &  recycling PC, Mobile Phone motherboards, general waste, building rubble, and Non-Ferrous Metals. Our expertise and level of professionalism are unmatched as we have been in this business since 1995. We are highly trusted by our numerous clients who have benefited from our dedication to our objective of full customer satisfaction.

When you are dealing with MGM Metals,  be assured that you are in safe and capable hands.  Our highly trained staff guarantees that our collection, processing, and recycling are all carried out with the industry’s best practices, as well as working in a safe environment

We have trained our team to recognize all types of materials and metals, in a bid to secure your interest when getting paid for the materials you bring in. The major and interesting aspect of our metal recycling process is that metal can be recycled over and over without altering its properties. The most common recyclable metals include aluminium and steel; the other metals that are recycled include  copper, and brass.

Our company also provides collection services for our esteemed and valuable clients. We are just a call or email away from you. Contact us today, and we will collect your scrap material using bin/skip, one-ton bags or eight-ton trucks. These are used so that the process does not create a waste disposal crisis for you. This makes the process very hassle free and quick.


We make recycling easy by providing you with a bin or a skip as it is better known , to ensure an easy yet effective recycling action.

How Scrap Yards process works

  • As you enter our reception office you are greeted with a smile and issued a customer receive number. Remember to bring along your driver's license or your bar-coded ID book.
  • Our Team will then direct you to the correct scale for you. To of load your specific metal.
  • It’s onto the weighbridge you go if you bought in steel or iron but it's off to the smaller scales if you brought some non-ferrous metals as these are hand weighed. Here your load will be weighed and separated as needed.
  • After this, the offload station is your next stop and the recycling metals will be offloaded either by excavator or by hand, all by our trained staff
  • As you drive away from the offload station, you drive onto the last weighbridge to make sure no errors were made. Here we weigh your empty vehicle and to calculate the final weight of your scrap you brought in to be recycled.
  • The final stop is where you want to end up. It is here where we issue you payment for the metal you brought us to recyle. This can be via cash or EFT.
  • As you exit MGM Metals, you can smile knowing you have some money in your pocket and you helped the environment at the same time


Really nice people and they helped really quick.

Abraham Jacobus Jansen van Vuuren